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Player stats information & meme

I am Cesia | ([personal profile] wafflehearts)

I play:
Ash | ([personal profile] possessive) | The Tarot Café
Claus Valca | ([personal profile] immelmann) | Last Exile
Gaius | ([personal profile] sugarydiversions) | Fire Emblem: Awakening
Misaki Nadeshiko | ([personal profile] solubility) | Kamen Rider Fourze
Jane Foster | ([personal profile] rainbowconnections) | MCU Thor
Ikenami Ryuunosuke | ([personal profile] moistfortono) | Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Contact Methods: poudrin (AIM) / (email, gchat) / clockworks (plurk)
IRC pings: Cesia, Poudrin and character names

EMERGENCY Contact: Bri/previous Poison Ivy has my cellphone number?? idk who else... I should fix that at some point :|a

Timezone/Schedule/Language: GMT +1. Right now I'm usually on ... all the time. I have no social life, and I'm currently looking for a job, with the exception of travelling to meet far away friends once in a while. I speak Swedish, Norwegian, English and so-so Japanese.

Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: Please jump my threads! I don't mind it at all, and I encourage mingling in my posts. I never drop threads, even if I sometimes leave it for a little while. I can lose interest in a thread for a few hours/days, but I ALWAYS GET BACK TO IT and I always finish. I don't mind keeping on threading for days and even weeks, and if I've dropped it, it's because I cannot think of anything to say/I forgot it, and I will always try to ask you if it's fine to end it there too! I'm not above having several threads going on at once, but I might end up on one character to thread with for the evening or something if I'm spread out too much. I don't post very often nowadays, but I enjoy it when I do.

Comfort Levels: My comfort levels are moderate. I'm generally okay with anything. Sometimes it actually depends on which character I play, but otherwise anything goes. If there's something that bothers me, I'll bring it to attention.

Concrit/OOC issues: All of my characters have anon enabled and IP-disabled HMD posts on top of their journals. Feel free to hit me up in any of those places if there's something you want to tell me. I try to live up to all my characters, and I'd hate it to come off as OOC when playing.

Essays and Memes: I don't do them often, but I tag them accordingly! Most memes used to go in [personal profile] weatherfairy but now will happen in [personal profile] moistfortono, and character essays go in the character journal it's meant for. (Most of the time).

Goals: Getting them all out to some degree. Stable relationships, fun RP and awesome plots! I love character centric plots a lot, with mine and other people's characters. One of my goals is to not favour my mains TOO much. I also want to create new and interesting CR! All the CR everywhere. And to stay in character skdndjkgf

Beta-ing: I'm not that good of a beta, and I've stopped flinging my email address around at everything that pings me. But if you're apping my canon or a character I love especially much, I'll help to the best of my abilities and do everything in my powers to be of assistance or just moral support. I'm all right with reading through something for a general "does this make sense to you", and random grammar, but I'm not a thorough in depth beta. I learn to beta more as I get beta-ed, and I pick up on their tips, etc. If you beta me, I'd like you to be harsh and really say what you think. I'm kind of a scattered app writer, so I need someone to whip my writing into shape.

AU-ing: I love AU-ing and I'd love to do more of that, but the AU won't have priority above threading in the actual game.

Pimping: For the moment, I would need to pimp out my stuff than the other way around. But. I like pretty art. And epic music. Don't hesitate to show me stuff, because I'm easily hooked :3

Other: I am... kind of a sporadic person overall? I tend to be easily distracted by everything ever, and if you want me to pick up a thread or talk to me, I certainly don't bite! Punch me into action, because sometimes I don't even notice I disappear off the radar. And I'd most likely be super happy to pick up were I've left off.